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WHAT WE DO - Inspection Services

Land Mark Industries (LMI) serves a wide variety of industries with world-class parts inspection services at our 50,000 square-foot facility in Southeast Michigan. Since 2000, we've been putting our knowledge, wide-range of capabilities and extensive experience to work for those looking to track and minimize waste and improve quality. Our inspection services keep end customers happy, minimize downtime, and improve bottom lines. We give you more time to do what you do best. 

LMI is ISO 9001 Certified Company. We practice Zero-Defect (ZPPM), 5S, and are a lean manufacturing company. Discover why more manufacturers in wide industrial segments are finding real value in outsourcing inspection services to Land Mark Industries.


Having your final parts professionally inspected by a third party adds a layer of quality control to keep you ahead of your customers concerns. Not only can we minimize the amount of unqualified parts that reach your customers, we create detailed inspection reports that will help you identify and correct quality control issues quicker. This is a significant step in preventing valuable clients from even thinking about exploring another vendor. Many of our own customers promote this fact, stating their parts are "Third Party Certified" or "Undergo a rigorous third party inspection process".

As parts and inspection parameters vary, each process can require custom solutions. We provide the most efficient solutions, utilizing both custom technologies and machinery for each and every project.

LMI can provide 24/7 around the clock sorting services. Our services include both visual and mechanical inspections. We provide qualitative analysis through functional testing, part gauging, and color sorting. We deliver fast and accurate results when utilizing our detailed state of the art digital work instructions, computerized reporting and our Customer Defects Portal.

LMI will quarantine and segregate all non-conforming products. These items can be returned or disposed of, according to your instructions. This can help you identify and help you overcome quality issues quickly and effectively.

Land Mark is large enough to take on the largest inspection projects with a commitment to treat each customer as if we were a smaller company. It is our goal to provide you the specific inspection services you require to reach your goals. Many of our employees have been inspecting parts with us since we began in 2000. They begin to build bonds with our customers in identifying specific needs. You can count on well trained and seasoned employees that take pride in the work they perform. They truly become an extension of your own company.

LMI is a customer-focused company, unmatched in developing cooperative and long-term relationships built on customer satisfaction. We partner with our clients becoming critical members of their quality control team. We don't view ourselves as only an outsourcing option but as an extension of the companies of which we serve. 

LMI manages all aspects of part inspections. We can help reduce manufactured parts receiving and inspection expenses. Our robust processes can help improve customer parts per million (PPM) ratings. We provide defect samples, real time pictures, lot numbers and detailed reports to help you get at any root causes and prevent waste.

Land Mark Industries proudly serves a variety of manufacturing sectors. These include: Automotive, Aerospace & Aviation, Defense & Military, Energy & Electricity, Engineered Products, Material Handling, Medical, and Precision Machining.

Our quality policy focuses on a commitment of all employees to provide quality and value in everything we do for our customers. We utilize continuous improvement initiatives in exceeding our customer’s expectations and increasing the effectiveness of our quality management system.

To learn more about our outsourced inspection services, please contact Land Mark Industries at 313-582-7774. Let's discuss your company's goals and how our custom designed inspection services can help your company achieve them.

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace & Aviation
  • Defense & Military
  • Energy & Electricity
  • Engineered Products
  • Precision Machining


  • Fasteners All Sizes and Shapes
  • anchors
  • bolts
  • hardware
  • washers
  • and more....

Partnering with Land Mark Industries for outsourced parts inspections provides multiple benefits.

  • Reduces costs associated with current inspection activity up to 30% when utilizing our automated vision inspection and packaging systems
  • Reduce QR’s and the costs associated with re-inspection activity
  • Minimize expenses associated with expedited shipments
  • Increased efficiency
  • Re-focus quality team efforts
  • Provide capital investment in technology
  • Provide in-house design and development w/o additional cost
  • Handle your logistics and provide expedited trucking options w/o cost
  • Provide long-term quality team support and fast reports and data to solve problems
  • Streamline your process so you can focus on manufacturing
  • As a customer focused company, LMI Inc. is unmatched in developing cooperative and long-term relationships which are built on customer satisfaction.As a process driven organization, LMI Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Our continuous improvement initiatives increase the overall effectiveness of our quality management system. We practice Zero-Defect (ZPPM), 5S, and Lean Manufacturing Principles.
  • Our teams of highly experienced members are meticulously trained on containment procedures, policies and inspection techniques, assuring repeatability and 100% customer satisfaction. 

Inspection Processes We Employ

Manual Inspection - Semi-automated Inspection - Automated Inspection

Manual Inspection

In many applications, a thorough, manual inspection of each part is the only logical choice. Our teams of highly experienced members are meticulously trained on containment procedures, policies and inspection techniques, assuring repeatability and 100% customer satisfaction.

Semi-automated Inspection

When a high-degree of manual processes are necessary, they can often be expedited and complemented with various automated machinery and custom technologies to improve efficiency.

Automated Inspection

Our state of the art, seven camera inspection system incorporates multiple technologies to create a highly customizable solution for inspection of bolts ranging in size from M3-M16, up to 2.75” in overall length.

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