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LMI and Automotive industry descriptive content (500+ words) Describing LMI practices in Automotive industry

As a world class sorting company, LMI Inc. has extensive industry experience, knowledge and the capability to meet this need. LMI Inc. provides efficient and cost-effective quality services including sorting and inspection, packaging, light assembly, warehousing and trucking services to major automotive, OEM’s, and other manufacturing industry leaders.

  • Sorting & Inspection - Utilizing our robust process LMI Inc. can manage all aspects of outsourced part inspection by providing 24/7 around the clock sorting services.  Our services include both visual and mechanical inspection. We provide qualitative analysis through functional testing, part gaging, and color sorting.  Fast and accurate results when utilizing our detailed state of the art digital work instructions, computerized reporting and the Customer Defects Portal.
  • Automated Fastener Inspection - Our state of the art seven camera inspection system incorporates multiple technologies together to create a highly customizable solution for inspection of bolts ranging in size from M3-M16, up to 2.75” in overall length.
  • Assembly & Rework - Mechanical, light manual assembly, sub assembly and final product assembly.
    Packaging Engineering Services - Labeling, scanning, bar coding, palletizing, packing and repacking, kitting.
  • Trucking - Local cartage with 53 ft. tractor-trailer units and cargo vans, cross-docking capabilities.
  • Warehousing and Distribution - 50,000 sq. ft. facility, logistic services and direct shipping, serialized tracking, lot traceability, computerized location system, WIP and MRO storage, EDI and ASN capabilities.


  • Fasteners All Sizes and Shapes
  • anchors
  • bolts
  • hardware
  • nails
  • nuts
  • pins
  • clips
  • rivets
  • rods
  • screws
  • sockets
  • clamps
  • hangers
  • washers
  • and more....
  • LMI Inc. can manage all aspects of outsourced part inspection.  We can help reduce your manufactured parts receiving and inspection expenses. Utilizing our robust process, we can help improve your customer parts per million (PPM) ratings.
  • Cost Saving
  • Handle your logistics
  • Streamline your process so you can focus on manufacturing
  • As a customer focused company, LMI Inc. is unmatched in developing cooperative and long-term relationships which are built on customer satisfaction.As a process driven organization, LMI Inc. is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company.
  • Our continuous improvement initiatives increase the overall effectiveness of our quality management system. We practice Zero-Defect (ZPPM), 5S, and Lean Manufacturing Principles.
  • Our teams of highly experienced members are meticulously trained on containment procedures, policies and inspection techniques, assuring repeatability and 100% customer satisfaction. 


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